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The Week Celebrating Sustainable Transportation

European Mobility Week is an important event celebrated every year between 16-22 September and promoting sustainable transportation. During this week, campaigns are run and events are organized in Turkey and across Europe to encourage people to explore sustainable transportation options. In this article, as a start, we briefly touched upon what European Mobility Week is and why it is so important. We will try to share relevant events and campaigns throughout the week on our social media accounts…

What is European Mobility Week?

European Mobility Week started in 2002 and has grown every year since then. This week is organized with the aim of promoting sustainable transport, reducing traffic congestion and adopting environmentally friendly transport options. It gathers around a different theme every year and events are organized around this theme.

Why is European Mobility Week important?

This mobility week is of great importance for a number of important reasons for raising awareness in sustainable transportation and making our cities more liveable. Here are some:

Promotion of Environmentally Friendly Transportation: With week-long events, local and central governments encourage people to cycle, walk, use public transportation and choose car sharing. This plays an important role in reducing carbon footprint and encourages the adoption of environmentally friendly transportation.
Reducing Traffic Congestion: Having more people use alternative modes of transportation, such as public transport or cycling, can reduce traffic congestion in cities. This creates a faster and more efficient transportation network, and relaxing transportation for one or a few days of the year will be effective in raising social awareness.
Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle: Micromobility activities such as walking or cycling, which are the cornerstones of the mobility week, will help people adopt a more active lifestyle and will be an important step in the fight against obesity and other health problems.

How can you get involved in European Mobility Week?

If you would like to participate in European Mobility Week, you can follow the steps below:

Attend Events: Attend events in your city or nearby. These events are usually free and offer the opportunity to try different sustainable transportation options.
Try Public Transportation: Consider using public transportation or renting a scooter or bike instead of using a private car during this week. This will show you how the alternatives can be both environmentally friendly and an economical transportation option.
Share on Social Media: If what you read excites you and sparks hope for the future, share on social media to support European Mobility Week. You can participate in events and contribute to raising social awareness by using hashtags.

As we mentioned at the beginning, European Mobility Week is an important event where sustainable transportation is encouraged and traffic congestion is tried to be reduced. By participating during this week, you can try environmentally friendly transportation options and adopt a healthy lifestyle. We will try to compile and follow the “European Mobility Week” events for you as much as we can throughout this week. To learn more and participate in events, you can follow us on our page and social media accounts…


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Choosing sustainable transportation helps us leave a more livable environment to future generations.

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